October 18th, 2009

get critical

Poem for Sunday

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So far this weekend has been a real washout. The Frederick Festival of the Farm was taking place today, where in previous years we visited lots of sheep and alpacas and piggies, but it rained even harder than it did on Friday, so after lunch we grumbled and acknowledged that it probably wouldn't be much fun to walk around in the mud in such chilly temperatures. Instead we did chores closer to home -- Mom's Organic Market (for the best bulk nuts in the area), Petco (for kitty litter, though we had the added amusement of watching the dogs in line for the low-cost rabies shot clinic), Michael's (because it was next door to Petco and had entertaining Halloween decorations), CVS (for shampoo, since I had $14 in CVS Bucks that had to be used this weekend) -- see how boring we were? I've had enough of the rain, and it's supposed to continue nearly all of Sunday!

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We finally watched the first episode of Merlin of the second season, and I must admit to being rather disappointed -- I was expecting something bigger somehow, not necessarily the start of an arc but at least an indication that the characters had grown somewhat from where we left them. If anything, they appear to have gone backward -- Collapse ) Then we watched the two-parter that started the third season of The Sarah Jane Adventures, which I enjoyed a great deal more. It still has the limitations of the show itself -- apparently Sarah Jane must make a speech about the wonders of the universe and having people to share them with in every single episode -- but I much prefer that to the dooooooom that has overtaken Doctor Who, and I really like all three of the kids -- Collapse )