October 22nd, 2009

get critical

Poem for Thursday

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I had the pleasure of lunch with perkypaduan, originally scheduled for my house with bad TV, but we ended up meeting at the mall, where we went to pretty much every store dementordelta and I didn't hit on Monday plus some that we did -- Bath & Body Works (because I had to buy Twilight Woods roll-on perfume), Temptation ($3 peace-sign bracelets), Old Navy (Halloween t-shirts on sale for $3.75), Hot Topic, Spirit of Halloween, and the food court, to which I brought a peanut butter sandwich because I still haven't figured out what in the mall I can safely eat, which sucks, though means I have more money for stupid stuff like roll-on perfume and bracelets. In the late afternoon my mother came over with old family photos that my sister wanted scanned for a project for her daughter's Bat Mitzvah, so I present to you some not-very-cleaned-up historical family photos scans:

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Glee pleased me this week, not because any of my complaints about the characters or the writing have diminished -- I can't care about anyone, can't feel sorry for anyone, but I love the music despite the bad lip-syncing and I can only be relieved to have Collapse ) Eastwick remains my Wednesday night unapologetic guilty pleasure (spare me the insensitivity-to-Wiccans speech, it's Halloween season and there are more damaging witch stereotypes on half the doors in my neighborhood, plus Eastwick takes itself even less seriously than Glee). I love "The Naked Now" episodes -- well, I suppose this is more the Red Hour from "The Return of the Archons," but it falls into that same fine "hey, let's find an excuse for an orgy!" category, and is just plain fun -- Collapse ) I wish they'd drop the ominous predictions and just have fun, because I get the impression from its ratings that the series isn't going to be around long enough to solve its mysteries.