November 6th, 2009

get critical

Poem for Friday

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This will be another mostly-fannish post so brace yourself. I spent a very nice afternoon with gblvr, who came over (and even provided her own sushi because I am a terrible hostess) and brought the first season of Leverage. The first time I ever saw Arrested Development, I shrieked because one of the series creators is a boy I went through elementary school with, and I had a similar experience in that one of the creators and writers of Leverage is the guy who was the editor of 34th Street, the weekly magazine of The Daily Pennsylvanian, which is where Paul and I met. I feel that I am probably therefore too biased to evaluate the series intelligently, but I will say that the three episodes we watched were extremely entertaining, especially the comic wedding story our former editor wrote.

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As for evening TV, I had read some information about the novel upon which FlashForward is based that gave me an inkling what this week's big shocker would be -- Collapse ) Then I did something I never did before: watched a full episode of Supernatural! I'd read spoilers about the format of the episode and figured that might make it worthwhile, plus I had to review one of my least-favorite Next Gen episodes, "The Perfect Mate," afterward so I figured that even if SPN was as sexist as I've often been warned, it would only help give me perspective. Collapse )

Many condolences and good wishes to anyone with friends or loved ones at Fort Hood.