November 10th, 2009


Poem for Tuesday

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I had a quiet morning doing laundry and tagging photos, then I went with my mother to the mall, where I was looking for a birthday present for perkypaduan (who is in Sedona, so it is safe for me to post this) and where we got frozen yogurt with granola, which is my new favorite thing that I am actually allowed to eat in the mall (sushi, Thai food, and Qdoba all being off-limits nowadays -- on the bright side, though, all my rings are loose and I haven't had a single migraine in five weeks, though I cannot say for certain whether there is a direct relationship between avoiding sodium and the latter). She also got me Brighton's fabulous Washington, DC charm bracelet as an early birthday present! I only got half of Perky's present but since I don't expect to see her on her actual birthday, I have until the New Moon premiere to track down the rest.

I folded laundry while watching the two episodes of Dawson's Creek from the end of the second season -- oh shut up, I had a Mary Beth song stuck in my head and was in the mood to see the Outer Banks, and anyway it was the one where Grams agreed to let Jack move in with her and Jen even though he's gay and she's a Bible-thumper. We watched Heroes, which I liked better than the last couple of weeks -- Collapse ) Then we watched Due South's "Hunting Season," which wins in every way -- Collapse )

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