November 17th, 2009


Poem for Tuesday

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I spent a delightful Monday with dementordelta, who came to visit on this warm, sunny November afternoon. We had vague plans to go out to lunch and watch lots of Due South, but the weather was so gorgeous that we decided we really should enjoy it and went to take a walk at Great Falls down to Olmsted Island and the river. Then we met my mother at our synagogue's annual holiday boutique, where we looked at lots of gifts and jewelry and shared a tuna salad sandwich in the cafe there. And then we ate chocolate moose pops while enjoying "Starman" through "Body Language," meaning that we got to howl through "All the Queen's Horses" with my kids who stuck around to see Leslie Nielsen. Here are some birds from the zoo yesterday:

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Watched Heroes, which keeps reinforcing my sense that no matter how irritated I've been with other shows that were just making crap up as they went along, ignoring or distorting their own backstories and changing the characters to fit the storylines, this one is in a class of its own. How is it possible that everyone has forgotten Matt's brief moment of fame wired as a bomb, even if it wasn't his fault -- even if he's been taken out of all the police databases, aren't there people who would recognize him from TV and react to him accordingly? I could go on and on and on and on. Tomorrow I will go on and on about Doctor Who but I am still playing catch-up from the weekend so I am going to put that off tonight! At least the Ravens won!