November 21st, 2009

get critical

Poem for Saturday

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I saw two movies today -- one in the theater, one on DVD. Both of them are installments in huge fandoms and enormously popular with lots of people. So I just want to warn people now that I thought one of them was not very good and one of them was not very appealing. If you are a rabid fan of the Twilight books or the Star Trek reboot, you may not want to Collapse )

That is all I am ever going to say about the reboot. Lest all this criticism should make it sound like I did not have a nice day, I want to say that I really did -- I met perkypaduan early and we waited for the theater to open so we could get seats, and she gave me an early birthday present -- the crystal from Sedona that I'm wearing in the photo below. Then gblvr joined us and we howled through New Moon at inappropriate moments, then we all went out to lunch at Potbelly with gblvr's former boss whom I've met many times, then gblvr and I walked to Target together where I found penguin socks, plus Smallville season eight on sale for $18.99, and I got her Star Trek as an early Christmas present, which is how we ended up watching it together (watching it with her was really fun for me, both because her affection for Pine, Urban and Yelchin is infectious and because she didn't snap at me for harshing her squee, which I am certain I did).

Speaking of Smallville, I have fewer complaints about the roles for women on that show, which seems to me a very sad reflection on the Star Trek franchise, because while I will be the first to agree that Tom Welling can't act any better than Robert Pattinson, all three of the female leads are wonderful. Yes, it is possible I am rationalizing because I adore Lois and Clark together, the same way I know people who love Bella and Edward together rationalize loving Twilight, which really does not bother me! The fact that we don't get a new Smallville episode again till January 22nd is forgivable because Collapse ) We watched Sanctuary too, not my favorite because Magnus seemed so much not to be a player for so much of the story and the ending felt like a cheat, but I really like Kate and I love Will's loyalty.

gblvr designed the buttons we're all wearing in the photos below. I made them using the button maker that is my one remaining souvenir of having run Kate Mulgrew's fan club; I forgot that it was in my house when we dissolved the club, so it was still there when I found it two years later, and it has been put to excellent fannish use in the years since.

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