December 1st, 2009


Poem for Tuesday

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It was a generally sucky Monday -- rained all day and was dark and chilly for starters, but on top of that, my computer gave me lots of grief that prevented me from printing my holiday address labels (I have finally uninstalled McAfee and installed AVG, but that only makes it marginally faster; I think it doesn't have enough memory to run Firefox and MS Word at the same time, period, and it would cost almost as much to get more memory as it would to replace the computer, but I'm nervous about getting a new Windows system before the bugs are semi-worked out and I don't have a version of Photoshop I can run on a Mac). Then the kids came home and needed things printed out -- my computer is the only one currently hooked up to a working printer -- and while I was fighting with that, apaulled called from a local gas station to tell me that the van had started smoking as he was driving home from work, and he pulled in there and was going to have to leave it overnight. One more problem (and expense) we don't need.

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I liked Heroes, because I still like the Petrellis and the Bennets -- well, I don't always like the former so much but I vastly prefer pathetic Nathan to selfish bastard Nathan, and we've had more of the former than the latter lately. Collapse ) We watched the New Orleans-New England game between Heroes and Jon Stewart -- I am so glad he and Colbert are back! The segment on emigrating to Mexico had me howling. Now Colbert is ranting about the fact that news happens so rudely while he's away...