December 2nd, 2009

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Poem for Wednesday

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My first day of December was much better than my last day of November. I didn't have a vehicle, but gblvr came over and took me to the mall for Subway and shopping, and played Pink for me and brought me an early birthday present, a necklace with Klimt's Tree of Life (I must remember to post a photo tomorrow), so that was all wonderful. And I managed to get my now-sans-McAfee desktop working long enough to print my holiday card address labels, plus Adam's homework from yesterday which had to be reprinted because he failed to double-space it (and then I had to print it yet again because his paper said "populous" when he meant "populace" -- spell-check fail). And it also let me burn TV episodes to DVD so I can soon watch more Merlin, plus the awesome-looking The Real Merlin and Arthur special. And the van ended up having nothing serious they could find wrong with it, so it didn't cost a fortune like we feared. So Tuesday was really free of petty annoyances, for which I am extremely grateful.

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Evening TV here, after the beginning of the fabulous Terps game in which Maryland beat Indiana, was the new Celtic Woman special on PBS, Songs from the Heart -- not my kids' first choice but Daniel has sung several songs they've recorded in chorus, so he was tolerant, and Adam was working on making hikaru dorodango, whose existence he discovered in school. I know that someone is going to insist that Celtic Woman's music is not authentically Celtic, so let me quickly point out that I don't care -- my two favorite recordings of theirs are their versions of "Nella Fantasia" and "You Raise Me Up" (the former based on The Mission soundtrack by Ennio Morricone, the latter a rearrangement of "Danny Boy" composed by Secret Garden). Collapse )