December 3rd, 2009

get critical

Poem for Thursday

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I am boring this week, but the holiday card envelopes all have address labels and return-address labels, and most of the cards have been put into said envelopes (some still need notes so they're not sealed). Plus I got a bunch of writing done and a bunch of posting done, and for me this is sufficient accomplishment for the afternoon -- tomorrow I have to do the serious work, like write a review. It was dark and rainy and chilly here today, which made it harder for Adam to work on his hikaru dorodango, so here are some photos of the gardens at National Cathedral to make things brighter:

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Again I loved the music on Glee, but the characters are too immature for words...and I mean the so-called adults, not the high schoolers. Yes, I'm sure that's supposed to be part of the charm but again I'm feeling a much stronger thread of misogyny than general idiocy -- Collapse ) Eastwick just gets more delightful, which makes me that much more sad every week that it is not long for my television. Now there are six awesome women, and I think Eleanor may be my very favorite, though I still adore Roxie -- Collapse ) The highlight of my boob toob, though, was Jon Stewart's Obama speech in movie clips -- best thing ever (yes, I watched most of it between the Maryland game and Celtic Woman last night, and no, I am not going to get started or this will turn into a long ranty political entry and I'm tired.