December 6th, 2009


Poem for Sunday

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We were going to spend Saturday in Baltimore, winding up at the harbor for the Parade of Lighted Sail, but it started snowing before 9 a.m. and kept it up throughout daylight hours, so we stayed closer to home. It was the first really wintery day of the season, and we discovered that neither boy's coat still fit, so after Hebrew school we took them to Kohl's to get new ones -- a really good day for it, since the roads were pretty empty and so were the stores, given that Washingtonians tend to panic and stay home when snow is falling even though the temperatures never dropped below freezing so it never stuck to the roads. We got to take advantage of weekend bargain prices and get boots, too! Plus we stopped at the Alternative Gift Fair at a local middle school, where shoppers can purchase gifts to benefit others like jewelry made by women in developing countries. We found out about it from Star Gazing Farm, which was selling wool and plush animals there, but we had not known that they were bringing one of their bantam chickens and a sheep we'd met when we visited the farm, so that was a nice surprise.

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We watched the two parts of Merlin's "Beauty and the Beast" (hereafter known as "the Shrek episode), which we all enjoyed a lot -- okay, there are all the usual stereotypes about what make women attractive but it's all worth it Collapse ) Then we watched "The Witchfinder," which I think is the best episode of the season so far, and relevant politically in this era of witch-hunting though Uther has looked much too stupid and cavalier with the lives of his nearest and dearest far too many times during the run of the series.

I was going to root for Florida against Alabama because I hate Alabama, but I'm so sick of Tebow's eye-black Bible passages that I ended up not caring, which is just as well since Alabama won. I couldn't work up any enthusiasm for either team in the Texas-Nebraska match-up, either, but at least it was an exciting fourth quarter!