December 7th, 2009


Poem for Monday

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I had a wonderful Sunday with my family and dementordelta, who came up to go with us on the winter Countryside Artisans open house tour and to see Mary Fahl at Jammin' Java. Since we knew we needed to be in Virginia in the early evening, we only went to a few of the studios, starting with the glassblowers at Art of Fire, where Allen Ye Printmaker, Dancing Pig Pottery, and the Celtic artists from Tuatha Gallery were also visiting in the smaller barn. We watched some of the glassblowers at work and played with the cats, then went to Dancing Leaf Farm and trudged through the snow to see the sheep and chickens before going inside to look at yarn and eat cookies. Then we walked across a snowy field to Sugarloaf Studio, where we bought a small print of a watercolor of the Dancing Leaf Farm sheep with Sugarloaf Mountain in the background. To our astonishment, the Redskins were winning as we headed home, but of course they managed to lose to the still-undefeated Saints in overtime. dementordelta brought me the latest French Barbie and a penguin with body lotion and bath gel as an early birthday present!

We left the boys with my mother and drove into Virginia, where we stopped at The Artisans in McLean because we knew Jody Marshall was going to be playing hammered dulcimer at their open house. I had never been there before and was delighted to see how much jewelry and local crafts were for sale, plus there were snacks including Swedish meatballs, cranberry cream cheese, Christmas cookies, and peppermint bark. Then we went to Jammin' Java, where we had their fabulous chili while waiting for Mary Fahl to come on stage. She played a relatively short set since there was a bluegrass band due on the stage at 9 p.m., but it was still a terrific show -- she opened with "Deep As You Go" and did several new songs, including one that she wrote for her boyfriend's birthday, one that she wrote for a wedding, and one that she wrote about Johnny Cash and June Carter, plus "The Other Side of Time," "Ben Aindi Habibi," "Going Home," "The Dawning of the Day," The Rolling Stones' "As Tears Go By," and "Nessun Dorma" (accompanying herself on the guitar, the first time I've ever heard the aria performed that way). And afterward we all shared yummy chocolate desserts!

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