December 8th, 2009

green little review

Poem for Tuesday

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I had a very quiet chore-filled Monday, trying to get all four laundries done and folded because on Tuesday we're supposed to have our power turned off from 9-3 or some portion thereof while PEPCO is doing something or other to our neighborhood's wires. Does anyone know what percent of what's in our freezer will have to be discarded if the power is actually out that entire time -- everything? Husband's brilliant idea was for me to stay home in the dark with no power and get everything into coolers with ice after a couple of hours if the power was still out, but will things be any better off in coolers with ice than in a closed freezer with ice? One thing is certain: I am NOT staying in the house all day, when I can't use the computer or read unless I'm in the front window, can't watch TV or listen to music, can't even exercise because I couldn't take a shower afterward. So I am planning to shop and go out to lunch with vertigo66.

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Since Heroes wasn't on, we watched Joe Versus the Volcano before the Ravens-Packers game (which was terrible until we turned it off to watch Jon Stewart, at which point the Ravens scored two touchdowns in the third after accomplishing nothing in the first half). Joe Versus the Volcano is one of my very favorite movies, though I have discovered to my woe that the wonderful soundtrack is extremely rare and sells for more than $100! The sea voyage to Waponi Wu, the island where the natives drink Orange Crush and sing Hava Nagila, is probably my favorite part, but New York as a kaleidoscope of colored windows is pretty fabulous as well. And the moon! "Dear God, whose name I do not know, thank you for my life. I forgot how BIG..."