December 10th, 2009


Poem for Thursday

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I have very little to report from my Wednesday except that I am caught up on some things and not caught up on other things. This is in large part because I took two and a half hours to fold one load of laundry while watching Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, since of course I had to make sure the DVD worked correctly. *whistles* Adam's new laptop that he bought with some of his Bar Mitzvah money arrived, so there was much rejoicing...well, at least until he had problems getting it to make a backup disc, but it runs Spore properly and that is apparently all that matters. Plus we read in The Hollywood Reporter that Robin Williams and Elijah Wood are going to play penguins again in a Happy Feet sequel, so there was rejoicing about that, too.

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PBS had a tribute to Peter, Paul & Mary on that was wonderful and sad, since the inevitable pledge drive interruptions were filmed after Mary Travers died and Peter Yarrow seemed older and more resigned than I've ever seen him. Then came Glee, which makes me schizophrenic -- one minute it's my favorite thing I've watched all week, and the next I want to smack someone. Usually the "favorite thing" parts are musical numbers, and the smacking is pretty much every storyline involving a female character who isn't Mercedes -- Collapse )