December 12th, 2009


Poem for Saturday

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I had a pretty quiet but very nice birthday -- except for a brief trip to CVS for necessities like shampoo and a new toothbrush for son, I stayed home, which was much warmer than outside. Paul had offered to take me out for Indian buffet, which is technically illegal on my low-salt diet but I figured I could get away with one meal off, but then Adam got huffy that we were going to have Indian food without him, so we agreed to take the kids to the buffet in two weeks when they're off school for winter break, and Paul came home and made me salmon cakes with Gruyere for lunch instead.

In the afternoon I finished my review of "The Inner Light", then we went to my parents' for dinner and the first night of Chanukah. My mother made me fresh fish since everyone else was having brisket, and I had one latke with applesauce, Paul made me a chocolate torte with pistachio mousse, but the mousse liquefied and it looked a bit like a cake wreck, though it tasted absolutely delicious! My parents got me some jewelry and money toward a new computer. As for the rest...

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We watched Sanctuary, which I liked -- I was glad they did a Kate episode -- but I was distracted so I can't comment much on the details, except that I am still all about Helen/Will at the moment. Thanks so much to everyone who sent me greetings -- sorry if I missed leaving you a comment, I am behind on reading LiveJournal so I could crop those photos!