December 14th, 2009

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Poem for Monday

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Our original plan for Sunday was to go to the Brandywine Valley, but we knew by the middle of last week that the weather was going to be terrible. And it was -- no snow or sleet, but lots of cold endless rain and skies that never got properly light. We thought about going to the movies, but Daniel had a marine biology project to work on, so instead we went to Michael's to get foam board and some decorations (it's on threats to estuaries, so we needed scrapbooking cut-outs and stickers of non-native animals, construction, etc.), and while we were out, we stopped to replace Adam's violin shoulder rest and to get some stuff at Trader Joe's, which was tragically out of mint meringue cookies.

I really can't complain about food, though, because Paul decided we should have a Swedish feast in honor of St. Lucia's Day. So he made meatballs, salmon, brown beans, glogg (which is kind of like mead), lussekattor (a kind of bread that I understand is named after Lucia's cat), raggmunk (potato pancakes, so also appropriate for Chanukah), and princess cake (which I rationalized eating because marzipan is surely fine for a low-salt diet, right?). This cake held together a lot better than the pistachio chocolate torte and was equally awesome. So I am completely stuffed, and next weekend is my cousin's Chanukah party, and then Christmas at my in-laws' (more Swedish food)...I love December but my doctor is going to scold me!

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Belated fannish5: Five canon moments that turned a casual fandom into a hardcore fandom for you.
1. "Of course, Mr. Spock. Your reaction was quite a pig's eye." McCoy to Spock, Star Trek, "Amok Time."
2. "She's the captain." Chakotay to Torres, Star Trek: Voyager, "Caretaker."
3. "My king. Boromir to Aragorn, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.
4. "Thanks to you, there's one less out there now." Odo to Kira, Deep Space Nine, "Duet."
5. "Parents will not want someone like me teaching their children." Remus to Harry, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

The Redskins and Ravens both won for a change -- fine, they were playing the Raiders and the Lions respectively, so neither one would have had any excuse for losing, though the Redskins DID lose to the Lions earlier in the season -- and we put on the Eagles-Giants game, where I thought I'd be torn because I hate the Giants, but the more the announcers went on about how good Michael Vick looked, the easier it became to be a full-fledged Giants fan. Finally I couldn't take it any more and put on Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame, which I got on DVD for Chanukah -- consolation for not making it to The Princess and the Frog over the weekend!