December 19th, 2009


Poem for Saturday

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The local news on Friday was all about the impending massive snowstorm of doom -- they're saying nearly two feet in some parts of the area -- so we focused on making sure we had milk and toilet paper and a functional sled (the kids finally trashed the old one so badly at the end of last season that we had to replace it). I wrote a review of Next Gen's "Time's Arrow, Part One", rearranged my closet which still had the summer clothes in front, and worked on a computer project that isn't going to get done until I get a new desktop computer, which is looking like it's not happening in the immediate future. The treadmill is chewing up my knees and sitting on the couch on the laptop is killing my I get a functional desktop computer so I can sit in the desk chair and save my back, or get an elliptical machine and save my knees? I can't afford both.

We celebrated the last night of Chanukah with my parents, eating more latkes and some of the leftovers from our previous Chanukah feast. My mother got me a gorgeous silver necklace with a contemporary, colorful hamsa pendant; Daniel got the Failblog book, Adam got a penguin adoption including stuffed penguin and igloo from Defenders of Wildlife, and both boys got calendars. I got the Susan Seddon Boulet Goddesses calendar, too, and we got the kids that Super Mario Bros game for the Wii, so there was much rejoicing. Plus Paul got us Castle in the Sky and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind from the Disney movie club's buy-one-get-one-free sale, which I am sure will be rewatched many times. Our local cousins are having a Chanukah party on Sunday, but we'll see whether any of us are up to driving for it.

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We watched Sanctuary, which I enjoyed both because it had Tesla and because it was a vampire episode...not an original or terribly engrossing one, but it had its moments of humor and I liked the ending. Now we're listening to Hovhaness's 60th Symphony, To the Appalachian Mountains, with the cats curled up on old coats while the snow falls. It's pretty peaceful. We have tickets for the National Treasure tour at Mount Vernon at 11 tomorrow morning, but I have a feeling that's not happening, either for us or for Mount Vernon!