December 20th, 2009


Poem for Sunday

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Anyone who lives on the East Coast or who saw news from anywhere within 200 miles of me knows what I spent Saturday doing -- the same thing everyone else was doing, meaning admiring and enjoying the snowfall in between shoveling and digging out. We knew it was coming, though initial estimates were far below what we eventually got (yesterday they were saying 6-8 inches, then last night it was 10-12 inches, and by this morning it was 15-20 -- I think we got about 17). So we had toilet paper, milk, etc., and we had white bean chili for dinner to keep warm, and it was quite nice, relaxing day.

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We spent the evening tuned in to BBC America, rewatching Doctor Who's "The Waters of Mars" -- I am positive that Comcast keeps track of how many people are tuned into which channel and I want to make sure they know we were watching, even though we've seen it before -- then we watched The Graham Norton Show with David Tennant and Inside the TARDIS, both of which were new to us and both of which we enjoyed a great deal, even though I've had it with RTD and his pontificating about what makes the Doctor meaningful (the Doctor was meaningful before him and will be after him; he's best-qualified to talk about what makes the Doctor commercial, since he sold the franchise to audiences on a grand scale in a way no one had managed to do before). I can't resist recaps involving Nine, Rose, and Donna, though.