December 21st, 2009

green little review

Poem for Monday

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Although we were rudely awoken by the plow, which got stuck on our street at 6 a.m. and had its warning beep blasting for twenty minutes while it was driven backward to try to get it free around the curve, our neighborhood was never clear enough for us to venture out anywhere. We saw nearly everyone out shoveling, but the cars that tried to venture forth did a lot of skidding, so we figured we were better off staying right where we were. We did some digging out, dodging icicles which formed on and then fell off the roof in dramatic fashion, and the kids built snow forts with their friends in the neighborhood after Adam spent the morning sledding down the hill behind our house.

When we got cold, we watched part of the fourth season of Robot Chicken -- it is quite possible that I am the last Star Trek fan ever to find out about the opera Le Wrath di Khan, but that alone makes the DVDs worth the price, plus the opener where Seth Green pitches the show to Joss Whedon and Ron Moore (played by Joss Whedon and Ron Moore) and the former rejects it because it doesn't fit into the Whedonverse while the latter, in a "Frak Me" t-shirt, labels him a Cylon and tries to kill him. We're all sad about Brittany Murphy; I've known who she was since Les Miserables and I saw a lot of her early movies after the fact (Don't Say a Word because of Sean Bean, etc.) but we're all fans of Happy Feet here and were excited when they announced a sequel last week.

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We spent the evening of the longest night of year catching up on Merlin, though we're saving the season finale till tomorrow so don't spoil me! We watched "The Lady of the Lake," "Sweet Dreams," "The Witch's Quickening," and "The Fires of Idirsholas," each of which I thought was better than the one before; after a disappointing beginning, the second season of this show has really been a pleasure, and in terms of kick-ass female characters it's pleased me more than almost anything I watch, though the boys are completely adorable and I'd be lying if I didn't say that was a big part of the appeal. Collapse )

Yay Ravens, go Pittsburgh, waah Favre, ugh Eagles, and that's all the attention I really paid to football. The county schools are closed Monday, so I'll be going stir-crazy with the kids. Have a joyous winter solstice!