December 22nd, 2009

get critical

Poem for Tuesday

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Yet again in the house all day. The local streets are inconsistent; some have been plowed decently, though they're all one way, so if anyone is coming from the opposite direction, it's a negotiation to pull over and let them pass, while some just don't seem safe for travel for any vehicle without snow tires, which are pretty rare around here since we very rarely get so much snow. Adam's best friend was here nearly all day and the kids went sledding, worked on their snow forts, played the Wii, played Spore, checked Facebook, etc. In the afternoon while they were outside and down the basement, I watched Body of Lies with Paul (who was working from home). The performances are terrific, which I expect of Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio, but all the minor characters are exceptionally well-cast as well. Some of the thriller aspects were a bit much for me -- this isn't a sophisticated film about American and Middle Eastern people interacting in a messy modern world, it's pretty heavy-handed script-wise, though I found Crowe's character (a guy who orders executions while playing with his son) really interesting -- Collapse ) I enjoyed the film but given the extreme violence, I am very glad I didn't see it on a big screen.

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Paul decided that we should have a feast for the solstice, or at least he felt like cooking, because he made fabulous cranberry herbed chicken, basmati rice with almonds and raisins, wassail and a gingerbread Yule log (which he carried in while quoting Stephen Colbert, "I'm sporting a Yule log," and made both kids howl with embarrassment). We watched the season two finale of Merlin, which I loved, though I thought it was very predictable -- Collapse ) Then in honor of the date we watched Xena's "A Solstice Carol," the one with Senticles and Scrooge mixed up delightfully with silly modern holiday customs. And there has been some noise in the background...I think it might have been the Redskins humiliating themselves against the Giants.

Guess what? No school Tuesday, either. I think Adam is actually disappointed about this, having a week of vacation ahead of him when several of his friends will be out of town.