December 24th, 2009

get critical

Poem for Thursday

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On what is frequently one of the worst shopping days of the year, I had to venture into a shopping mall because son's orthodontist's office is there and he had broken a bracket. Fortunately, I got an appointment early enough that it wasn't too much of a zoo. I brought our packages for Paul's brothers to mail at the post office in the mall and waited maybe 20 minutes, so by the time I got upstairs to the orthodontist, son was already in the back having his braces repaired. There were high school teachers both in front of me and behind me in line at the post office -- we all ended up chatting while we waited -- and the dentist's office was far less crowded than the late afternoon we were last there. Afterward, I took back roads to bypass the mess on Rockville Pike and took the kids to Lebanese Taverna for lunch, then stopped at Whole Foods to get some things we needed before heading home.

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Paul found out because the Japanese stock market was closed that it was the Emperor's birthday, so he made chicken yakitori for dinner. Afterward we all watched Throw Momma From the Train, not a movie I actually like -- it's very misogynstic and must be enjoyed only with one's brain turned completely off (I actually feel that way about a number of Billy Crystal movies, give me Adam Sandler's crudeness over Crystal's subtle woman-bashing any day) -- but there are fun Hitchcock references scattered throughout the film, Danny DeVito and Ann Ramsey give wonderful performances (watching it again I swear Ramsey was the prototype for Peter Jackson's Gollum), and I always get a kick out of Kate Mulgrew playing a shallow bitch breezily chatting with Oprah and getting it on with the gardener. I'm bummed about Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins, but hey, it's Hollywood.