December 25th, 2009

little review

Poem for Christmas

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We're at Paul's parents' house in Hanover, Pennsylvania, where there is plenty of snow on the ground for a white Christmas. We had a pretty quiet morning getting ready to go, then drove up in moderate traffic in the afternoon. We brought in Red Lobster for dinner and had far too many desserts -- we brought half of the Prinsesstarta from St. Lucia's Day, Cinda had baked many kinds of cookie, there were Utz chocolate covered pretzels in the house...mmmmm! In the evening I went to church with Clair and Cinda; Paul and the kids did not go, having no interest, but the music there is wonderful -- they have a famous 80-year-old great organ that is one of the largest in the world -- and listening to several hundred people pray for peace cannot be a bad thing no matter whose name the prayers are in.

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My parents were supposed to join us tomorrow, but given the emergency weather alerts we've been receiving all day, I think they are not going to risk driving in an ice storm, so it'll be just us and my in-laws. There's so much food here that I'm going to need a personal trainer by Saturday. Merry Christmas if you celebrate, and if not, have a lovely weekend!