December 28th, 2009

green little review

Poem for Monday

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I spent a long, lovely Sunday in the Brandywine Valley with my family and dementordelta at the Delaware Art Museum, which has two temporary Maxfield Parrish exhibits and an Ellen B. T. Pyle exhibit as well as the permanent Pre-Raphaelite collection; the Brandywine River Museum, which has a temporary exhibit on illustrations of Alice In Wonderland and other Lewis Carroll tales as well as the Brandywine Christmas train display, antique dolls, and nature ornament collection; and Longwood Gardens, which has its annual holiday light display, Christmas conservatory arrangements, and ice skating performances. We didn't get home till nearly 10:30 p.m. so here are a few photos, with details to come later!

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The Ravens could have clinched a playoff spot by winning this week, but they blew it to the Steelers, meaning that they must win in Oakland next weekend to play in the postseason. The Redskins had no chance of making the playoffs, which left me with a dilemma: root for the despised Cowboys, or risk the NFC East going to the Eagles and Michael Vick. I just can't bear the thought of the Eagles winning, so I wasn't all that devastated to see the Redskins lose, though I wish they hadn't played such a horrible game, failing to score a single point. Next week I must actually root for the Cowboys to beat the Eagles, since the Giants blew it this week. Ick!