December 31st, 2009


Poem for Thursday

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We thought about going to the zoo on Wednesday to see the pandas -- something we will not be able to do for much longer, since Tai Shan is going to China early next year and his parents, Mei Xiang and Tian Tian, may follow soon after, since their lease is ending -- but it was very cold and I had to get up very early to have a fasting blood test, so we ended up deciding instead to go have my belated birthday lunch. The Indian buffet at Minerva is the best thing ever, and even though I ate lots of things I am sure would get me in trouble with my doctor if she knew -- good thing I had the blood tests before the food -- but it was worth it for the chicken korma and fish curry and tikka masala and til ke aloo and gajar halva (one of the few forms in which I really like carrots). Mmmmm! We also stopped at Home Depot to by snow shovels, which the weather forecasters have been warning us all day that we may need in the next 48 hours, and at Borders, where I used a holiday gift card to get a book on the art of Avatar.

I had long conversations about Avatar with several Facebook friends, including a couple of academics, who really loved the movie, which was nice because I'm still on a movie high. I can tell when a film or TV episode has really impressed me because it distracts me from exercising -- I HATE exercising, whether it's the treadmill or swimming or dance or what have you, there has never been music or TV or anything that can make me forget how much I hate it for more than a couple of minutes unless my form of exercise for the day is something like hiking up Glastonbury Tor, but when my brain is fully engaged thinking about something, that alone can make me forget my loathing of exercise, and for the past two days, I've had Avatar bliss. If it's not your thing, I can certainly respect that -- I hated the very popular Iron Man, it was one of the most offensive films I've ever seen -- but if you're not seeing Avatar only because you think you're not supposed to like it, please do yourself a favor and see the film.

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In the evening we watched the last scheduled episode of Eastwick, since ABC skipped the episode that would have shown us Jamie's fate and how all three women survived what appeared to be certain death a couple of weeks ago -- I can't figure out if they thought they were doing a nice thing and ending the run with an episode that has a sort of resolution, or whether they were doing a nasty thing and trying to make us by the DVD set. "Magic Snow and Creepy Gene" is one of my favorite episodes despite the giant plot holes left by the preemption of the previous episode; I loved the glimpse of Eastwick's maritime museum, I'm finally really liking Joanna, Collapse )