January 1st, 2010

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Poem for New Year's Day

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I tried to write a Things I Loved About The '00s post, but kept realizing that most things I was listing actually happened in the '90s. I must admit that this past decade was not my favorite -- not politically, not socially, not even in terms of entertainment, with the exception of the fact that I went to the U.K. three times and met a couple of wonderful people (and adopted a couple of wonderful cats). The Zeros started terribly for me in terms of personal/family drama and stress, then we had 9/11 and eight years of Bush, I lost the most wonderful job in the world when the company went under...I'm grateful that nothing really terrible happened to me personally, nor to most of the people I'm closest to, and on a couple of national issues we made some big strides, but I'm not feeling nostalgia for the decade, only for small moments that won't come again like taking my kids to Port Discovery and going to elementary school Halloween parties.

We were scheduled to go downtown for a tour of the U.S. Capitol, but freezing rain and a bit of snow early in the morning, plus a lack of local plows and forecast for icy rain all afternoon, convinced us to postpone; the forecasters said that people who could keep off D.C. roads should do so. Instead we stayed in the suburbs and went to see Sherlock Holmes, which I enjoyed very much. It wasn't a monumental event for me the way Avatar was, but I hadn't expected to like it all that much after the previews and a couple of reviews I'd read, so everything about it was a delightful surprise -- for one thing, I'm rarely moved by Robert Downey, Jr., and for another, I didn't realize that Rachel McAdams had such a meaty role. I'm only superficially familiar with Conan Doyle, so I had no particular expectations in terms of what sort of story should be told, and I appreciated this one. Collapse ) Here are some flowers from the Longwood Gardens conservatory:

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Paul decided we should have a Hogmanay dinner, including cock-a-leekie soup, salmon, bread, and late-night chocolate pudding cake, then we watched the David Tennant-Patrick Stewart Hamlet, which was excellent even though I kept seeing Doctor Who as Hamlet, particularly in the scenes with the players and "To be or not to be." Collapse ) We couldn't see the blue moon, nor the partial eclipse -- icy rain all day and evening -- so we spent the last half hour of the year watching Dick Clark. Not the worst way to spend New Year's Eve. Best wishes for 2010!