January 2nd, 2010

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Poem for Saturday Plus Brandywine Ornaments

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I had a low-key but very nice first day of 2010. Adam discovered via California Tortilla's Facebook fan page that they had $5 burrito feasts with chips and salsa, and lobbied to go there for lunch, to which Paul acquiesced once everyone had seen enough of the Tournament of Roses Parade. I got an e-mail from Brighton Collectibles that the first 50 customers at every store would get a free New Year gift, so I stopped at the mall (which apparently a lot of people thought was closed, because it was pretty empty) and got a 2010 heart charm. We ran out to a few stores for some necessary things (shampoo, DVD-R, discount holiday M&Ms), then came home and watched bowl games on and off until dinnertime (Hoppin' John, a southern African-American dish for New Year's Day). Then we were able to watch via a friend's iPlayer Doctor Who's "The End of Time, Part 2." Since that is airing on BBC America on Saturday and I'm going to watch again, I won't say anything about it except Collapse )

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I tried to write a New Year's Resolutions post since I couldn't do a proper Things I'll Miss About the '00s post, but I am apparently an epic failure at memes at the moment. The only resolution I seriously considered was giving up poultry -- I haven't eaten red meat in more than 10 years, and it would be the same for pork except I took two days off in New Orleans last year to eat real gumbo and jambalaya (and my stomach was so violently upset for a week afterward that I will never do that again, and never miss it) -- but I'm still trying to get my sodium under control, and I still need to drop some weight, and I'd have to take total responsibility for my own food at home if I stopped eating poultry since my family has been terrific about limiting sodium and not eating cheeseburgers or ham at home but I think they'd balk at family dinners with no turkey meatballs or chicken panang, so I think this is just not the time to do it. In a few months when I'm more familiar with what foods I can eat quickly within my dietary restrictions, maybe I'll do it then. Anyway, in 2009 I did NOT make any resolutions concerning my eating habits, having blown them off in several previous years, so it figures that that was the year my doctor gave me the "change your diet or take meds for the rest of your life" wake-up call.