January 3rd, 2010


Poem for Sunday Plus B&O Railroad Museum

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After lunch on Saturday we drove to Baltimore, because the Maryland Zoo is closed this month and made a deal with the B&O Railroad Museum to admit its members for free. Right now their holiday model train displays are still up inside the roundhouse, where several of the historic engines and cabooses are also decorated for the season. We went to visit several of those, plus to see the model train displays (O and N scale inside, S scale outside) and visited the exhibits in retired train cars outside plus the North Car Shop, where trains in need of repair are kept (though the two historic engines badly damaged when the roof collapsed during a snowstorm are still in the roundhouse, surrounded by plexiglas). There were short films in some of the train cars, including a toy train video directed at young children which had my family howling at how bad it was (Talking cow: "What's the name of my favorite singer? Mooo-donna!") Since we weren't far from her new digs, we also went to visit perkypaduan, who was busy painting the walls of her lovely home.

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I'm of a double mind about "The End of Time." In all honesty, I expected a bloodbath -- given RTD's history so far, I was quite sure that lots of characters I cared about would die -- and after seeing the Doctor kill all the Daleks at the end of the last full season, really, genocide had to be on the table or the stakes would have been lower. So part of my reaction is pure relief at all the things that could have happened, yet didn't, plus delighted surprise at how much humor the episode managed to mix in with pretty much non-stop action during its first 45 minutes. But my reaction to what is essentially a tragic story wasn't muted by humor so much as by numbness, in the end. We've known since David Tennant joined the show that, like Christopher Eccleston, Paul McGann, et al, he would eventually pass on the role to another actor. Admittedly, I haven't seen all the transitions, but if most of them follow this model rather than the passing of the torch from Nine to Ten, I think that's a blessing. Collapse )