January 6th, 2010

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Poem for Twelfth Night

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I saw my doctor this morning, where I got both my H1N1 and seasonal flu shots (was told the former would be more uncomfortable but right now it's the arm where I got the latter that's sore). It was a good appointment, though, because my blood pressure was 123/65 (it's been between 115-130/60-85 pretty consistently, mostly on the lower end), my blood tests were all in the normal range (including both liver function and homoglobin, meaning no iron pills, yay), and she had no complaint about the rate at which I've lost weight (which was not the best in December, since I had my birthday, Chanukah, Christmas, and various other events with which to contend). Afterward, I met my dad in the mall that's right near the doctor's office and he took me to Legal Seafood for lunch -- their Louisiana Gumbo is the best I've had outside New Orleans (and I'm sure it was more sodium than I should have had, but I brought half of it home for Adam and drank lots of water, heh).

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Paul made fabulous vegetarian samosas for dinner (a low-sodium variety adapted from Vegetarian Times go us), then in honor of the date we watched the Toby Stephens/Imogen Stubbs/Helena Bonham Carter Twelfth Night directed by Trevor Nunn. I know I saw it years ago, but I barely remembered it, and really enjoyed it; there are places where the editing isn't terrific, but the performances are all wonderful and the Cornish coast and Lanhydrock look gorgeous. I'm not sure the kids were paying full attention, but I figure that any Shakespeare we get them to absorb as teenagers may be appreciated later.