January 9th, 2010


Poem for Saturday and Choir Concert

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My Friday was hectic, though I didn't leave the house until 5 p.m. We got about an inch of snow last night, so the kids' schools had a two-hour delay opening. I had a nice morning -- shared a grapefruit at breakfast with Adam, who usually eats so fast that our paths only cross in the kitchen when we're both making hot cereal -- but then I started rushing around to get chores done and write a review of "Time's Arrow, Part Two".

We had a quick dinner with my parents -- Bagel City bagels and spreads, my favorite comfort food -- then went to Daniel's winter concert. The choir sang seven pieces, the a cappella group sang three songs, the guitar ensemble played six short pieces, one student sang and performed on guitar, then the choir and orchestra together performed the Hallelujah Chorus, inviting anyone in attendance who knew their vocal part to join them on stage. My parents and Paul's parents joined us for the concert, then we went home and watched Sanctuary -- I love Amanda Tapping and Christopher Heyerdahl, but when it comes to the mystical natives storyline, the less said the better.

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