January 10th, 2010


Poem for Sunday and Botanic Garden Trains

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Daniel left bright and early for the first day of the robotics build season -- FIRST broadcast via NASA's web and TV channels the plan for this year's competition, a soccer-type game with robots introduced by Dean Kamen. He was there almost all day and ate so much pizza that he ended up sick; meanwhile, Adam volunteered at Hebrew school, then we took him downtown to the last weekend of the U.S. Botanic Garden's Holiday Magic train display and recreation of the National Mall, both made with plant-based natural materials, and the Folger Shakespeare Library's Exhibit Imagining China, an exhibit of maps and manuscripts plus some porcelain and decorative objects collected to reflect European admiration for and concerns about China from the 1550s through the end of the 1600s. The latter had some crazy attempts at Biblical translation by non-Chinese speakers incorporating Chinese flood and miraculous birth stories, and Chinese editions of Shakespeare (first translated from children's versions of the stories and not complete until the 1960s). Here are some photos of the train exhibit at the former:

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We picked up Daniel on the way back from downtown, tried to cram some dinner in him, and took him to meet his date to see Avatar, but the movie sold out before they got there. So they went out to dinner instead, though Daniel wasn't feeling well after eating too much pizza at the FIRST presentation. He came home and crashed, so I don't know any other details except that they were playing video games together on her phone when Paul arrived to pick him up. The rest of us half-watched the Dallas game; it became easier to root against the Eagles after Michael Vick threw a touchdown pass, but this is the last time this year that I'll want Dallas to win anything! We took a break to watch Demons, then when we discovered that Dallas was winning by a big margin, we left BBC America on for Graham Norton's show with Robert Downey, Jr. and Ed Byrne, which was hilarious.