January 12th, 2010

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Poem for Tuesday and DC Miniatures

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I planned to go to Target today because their Sunday circular said their microfiber tops were on sale for $10, then vertigo66 e-mailed asking if I wanted to have lunch one day this week and since Target is right near where we always meet, I said let's do today! So we went to Potbelly, which was lovely, then I went to Target (which is in the middle of its seasonal sale and has lots for 50-75% off, including many summer blouses and long-sleeve print shirts) and Barnes & Noble (which had the sequel to Kate Mosse's Labyrinth, Sepulchre, on the bargain table for $6 -- I didn't even realize there was a sequel till I saw it). So that was a delightful way to spend the day till the kids got home.

I had four loads of laundry to fold after dinner (low-sodium pecan-crusted chicken, mmmmm) so I put on the anniversary edition of Disney's Pocahontas, which I got from apaulled for Chanukah -- I wanted to see what Disney stole from James Cameron and Avatar, heh. What surprised me weren't just the plot similarities but the palette -- it always seems to be sunrise or sunset in Pocahontas, and deep summer in the woods, early fall in the village and settlement, so there are lots of glorious purples and pinks in the sky, rich emeralds and forest greens among the trees, turquoise water, glittering magical light filtering from the branches...I am a shameless fan of Pocahontas and it was fun to have an excuse to watch it again, though I like the science underlying the religion in Avatar much better than Disney's schlocky simpified Native American spirituality.

We also watched Heroes, which is at least making sense to me again -- well, most of it, anyway, but that's about the same as every other season. I was sorry that Angela doesn't like Collapse ) But that was made up to me in the preview when Collapse ) was going on.

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Rest in peace, Miep Gies. And Mark McGwire...why am I not surprised? Does this mean the home run record reverts to Sammy Sosa?