January 14th, 2010


Poem for Thursday and Brookside Blooms

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I'm a week late, but I got to have a birthday lunch with cidercupcakes at California Pizza Kitchen! And even though it was her birthday, she brought me Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean! And we schmoozed a bit in the mall since we were eating in a restaurant there and since everything is on sale at this time of year. Then we came back to my house and watched the first several episodes of the second season of Merlin, of which I think "The Once and Future Queen" is my favorite -- I wish the writing for Morgana was stronger but they did a great job with Guinevere this season.

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Evening consisted of watching the news, being horrified by the images from Haiti and appalled by Pat Robertson, watching the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode I need to review this week before the long weekend ("Realm of Fear," the one in which Barclay discovers gremlins in the transporter and does his best Shatner Twilight Zone impression), pretending to care about the UConn game (I do not actually know or care who won), and listening to Stewart and Colbert's commentary on Game Change (hahahaha). Now I must extract my cats from the afghan currently on the couch since the couch cover had to be washed and get some sleep.