January 15th, 2010


Poem for Friday and 'Realm of Fear'

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Friday after lunch I am going to Boston -- well, we're staying overnight near Hartford, then driving into Boston after breakfast Saturday -- and there was a huge accident that closed the nearest highway for the morning and a major road for the entire day, so I stayed home, bought the Louvre and a Renaissance Faire for my Superpoke penguin, updated software, copied files onto my portable hard drive, and wrote a review of Next Gen's "Realm of Fear". I feel like I should have gotten a great deal more done, but there you have it.

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The kids came home talking about Haiti and their upcoming exams -- they both have big math tests tomorrow, plus Daniel has his history midterm, meaning he talked nonstop through dinner about the things he was studying even though the teacher showed them a video about the plight of wolves in Yellowstone in lieu of a review session -- and Adam had to explain to some of his friends where Hispaniola is, which makes me fear for the teaching of geography in public schools, not to mention the teaching of current events. I had intelligent things to say, too, but I've been totally distracted by Jon Stewart's hypothesis about why Glenn Beck couldn't interview Sarah Palin in the lap of Lincoln, and I want to fall asleep limp from laughter rather than just limp.