January 19th, 2010


Poem for Tuesday and Museum of Science

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We are back from New England, having awoken to snow on the ground and falling from the sky, but having arrived home under clear skies and surprisingly warm January weather. apaulled did some work to dig the van out, but once we got on the road, we drove past very pretty iced trees in sleet that had stopped by the time we reached the Connecticut border. It was very noisy in the van while boys were comparing notes on things they need to know for their exams this week -- Adam informed us that in health class, the teacher was allowed to tell them that some people object to the IUD as a form of birth control because they think it's like abortion, yet was not allowed either to teach them how it works or to explain what abortion was -- but they also did lots of reading.

We had lunch at a Garden State Parkway rest stop, stopped to stretch our legs at the Chesapeake House, watched a beautiful sunset as we approached Baltimore, and were through the door of our house before 7 p.m. This left us time to have dinner and start laundries before Heroes, which hasn't been holding my interest that much of late yet redeemed itself greatly this week by Collapse ) Our cats did not starve to death, thanks to my mother who fed them, so I am going to let Rosie snuggle me -- more tomorrow when I am more awake.

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