January 20th, 2010


Poem for Wednesday and Boston Penguins

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My Tuesday was all about catching up from the weekend -- unpacking, laundries, phone calls, appointments (a couple had to be moved due to the kids' exam schedule this week), e-mail, that kind of excitement. I needed to run out to a couple of stores, and discovered that it was an incredibly beautiful day -- brilliant sunshine, temperatures in the 50s. After the snow and sleet in Massachusetts the morning we left, this was not exactly a disappointment.

Speaking of Massachusetts, however, the election result was a big disappointment -- I know there are many fiscal conservatives in that state but how could they have elected someone who is anti-gay, anti-choice (even for rape victims), and anti-health care even for the poorest citizens to Teddy Kennedy's seat? The only news I liked today was the discovery of a temple to Bastet in Egypt (my cats woke me up to present me with a dead mouse, alas). Speaking of Egypt, though, we watched PBS's Nova: Riddles of the Sphinx in the evening, which was fascinating, then the History Channel's How The Earth Was Made: Everest, which was too, and more fun than the news.

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