January 26th, 2010

get critical

Poem for Tuesday and Potomac Crest

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Nothing major happened to me on Monday -- the kids had no school for the end of the semester, Daniel went anyway for an all-day robotics build session, Adam came to Bagel City with me to get bagels and spreads both for lunch and the rest of the week, I stopped at the mall with him to exchange something I've never worn, and that was all the excitement other than the weather, which included periods of torrential rain alternating with periods of clear skies and sunshine. My county has a flood warning for areas bordering the Potomac River, which is expected to be at or above flood stage by Wednesday morning, so here are some more photos of Great Falls from Saturday when the water was high but not jumping its banks:

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I had to fold laundry in the late afternoon so I put on Peter Pan, which I've been meaning to rewatch since we went to the Maxfield Parrish exhibit a few weeks ago -- Parrish was obviously an influence on the art direction, which is spectacular -- plus it has Jason Isaacs as incredibly hot sexy shirtless Captain Hook, and adorable Mr. Darling who suffers humiliation at the hands of bankers, kids and dog alike, culminating with his declaration of belief in fairies in front of his business superiors. We watched Heroes, but the seesaw has me completely numb -- I no longer care whether Sylar wants to be good or evil, I no longer care whether Samuel is a psychopath or just an average guy with anger management issues and superpowers, I don't care whether Peter is off his rocker or just full of himself, I don't care whether Matt is naive or a total idiot. I'm really hoping this is the last season so I can say I saw it through to the end.