February 4th, 2010

get critical

Poem for Thursday and More Snow

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Guess what? It snowed again! And my kids had no school, since half of the four inches that fell overnight arrived during the hours when the superintendent had to make a decision about whether to close the schools or merely delay them. It might not be such a big deal that they missed another entire day except that they'll have to add days to the school year if they miss much more school, and we have a huge storm predicted for Friday-Saturday -- the weather service alert says 12-20 inches! Naturally, the kids were not sorry; older son slept till nearly noon, younger son went out to play in the snow and ended up at a friend's house from lunchtime till dinnertime.

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By then the streets were clear, and Paul, who had worked at home doing phone conferences all morning and computer stuff all afternoon, took them to Cici's Pizza while I went to meet gblvr at Tara Thai, where I had the fabulous seafood panang curry. Then we went to Bath & Body Works, which has a delightful new sandalwood fig aromatherapy scent, though I had gone to buy wonderful Twilight Woods shower cream while I had a two-for-one coupon. And then we went to Target to grab a couple of little things and I don't know how that dress got into my cart, honest.