February 13th, 2010


Poem for Saturday, 'True Q' and Ice

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We finished our quiet snow week with a relatively quiet snow day -- I say "relatively" because even though apaulled went to work in the office for the first time since a week ago when the first storm began, I had three boys here for most of the day and they were not particularly quiet whether they were down the basement playing Brawl or upstairs discussing the math homework their teachers posted on Edline so they don't fall too far behind. I wrote a review of "True Q", went to dinner with my parents who got us all chocolate for Valentine's Day, and ran late in the evening trying to get all four Cupid hearts on Superpoke Pets so I could get the Cupid's Palace habitat, hee. Here are a few photos apaulled took of this morning's sunrise through the ice, which has now been knocked down so it doesn't crash right through the deck when it falls as has happened to some of our neighbors...

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In the evening we watched Smallville, which I adored completely -- any episode set at a sci-fi convention in which Lois dresses as Xena gets automatic thumbs-up from me, and I love watching Oliver and Chloe get closer. Then we all watched the Winter Olympics opening, which I really enjoyed too, though as with all events of such duration, there were high points and "what were they thinking" moments. Some things I really appreciated: the Mounties marching the flag out, the First Nations dancers, the giant ice sculptures, the moose on the US team hats, the polar bear, the Cape Breton fiddling, the Sacred Grove, Joni Mitchell, Loreena McKennitt, Sarah McLachlan, k.d. lang (though "Hallelujah," while admittedly a phenomenal song, is as weird a choice for the Olympics as it was when Justin Timberlake sang it at the concert for Haiti). My kids were dubious about the Harry Potter business with the wand, and the experience was almost ruined at times by the NBC announcers over-interpreting everything while failing to identify some of the people and places we really wanted to hear about, but I found it all pretty uplifting and I loved seeing the athletes taking photos and sending text messages with big grins on their faces.

Enjoy the weekend, the Olympics, the Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, preparations for Mardi Gras or whatever else you may be celebrating!