February 14th, 2010


Poem for Sunday and Chinese New Year

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For the first time in over a week, Daniel was able to go to robotics, which made him quite happy. While he was there, the rest of us went to Barnes & Noble, Target, and the Chinese New Year celebration at Lakeforest Mall. For the next two weekends, the mall has displays of Chinese art, an exhibit on Confucius, tables to play Go, and decorations all over the mall including lanterns, dragons, banners, and a hand-painted mural of the Great Wall of China around the mall's central courtyard. We arrived too late for the lion dance, having spent more than 15 minutes circling in the snow-filled parking lot just looking for a clear spot, but we saw some of the dancers and martial artists from local schools:

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We spent most of the evening watching the Winter Olympics, particularly the women's moguls and the men's short track -- I have trouble watching the luge, every time anyone looks out-of-control I have to look away. Hannah Kearney looked fabulous, and both Apolo Ohno and J.R. Celski got lucky that the South Koreans knocked each other out of medal contention, but in that sport I'm used to people winning (and being disqualified) because someone bumped or slid into someone else -- it reminds me of the Kentucky Derby, only with people whose ankles move at angles it makes mine ache to think about. We're very low-key about Valentine's Day here -- cards and candy -- but have a nice one if you're celebrating and have a nice Sunday if you're not!