February 24th, 2010

get critical

Poem for Wednesday and Brookside Gardens

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My morning and afternoon were pretty uneventful -- folded four loads of laundry, answered a bunch of mail I'd let slip while distracted by the Olympics -- I know I'm way behind on answering comments, sorry! Had leftover Mount Vernon peanut soup for lunch, argued about the absolutely infuriating Utah law that could get a woman imprisoned for years if she goes horseback riding while pregnant and has a miscarriage deemed to be a direct result. Had dinner with gblvr, again at Tara Thai since it's always good and it's convenient, and it also leaves us near Target so we can go look at stuff, which tonight was spring clothing, St. Patrick's Day socks, and food (I had to get milk and butter before Snowpocalypse III, which is supposed to hit Thursday and make me scream).

It's going to be a flower week -- here are some from Brookside Gardens' conservatory over the weekend:

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I wanted to get home in time for the women's short program, which, as it turns out, NBC didn't bother with till around 10 p.m., so I needn't have hurried. I was really, really glad Joannie Rochette skated so well and also glad that she didn't end up in first place -- she doesn't need two days of pressure feeling like she had everything to lose, I would think it would be much better for her to have two days of really working to prepare to kick ass in the long program. Rachel Flatt looked very energetic but not as sophisticated as Miki Asada or Kim Yu-Na -- I was so happy to see Brian Orser there with her! Ando didn't look as good, but I thought the standings were fair enough. Now I just hope we're not buried under snow again when we watch the long program.