February 26th, 2010

get critical

Poem for Friday and Sculpture Garden

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I'm watching the women's skating long program as I'm typing this so I'll keep it short. Nothing very exciting happened today, anyway -- I organized the shelves under my desk in anticipation of getting a new desktop computer, which I know sounds like something that should have taken twenty minutes, but actually took hours and I still have a box of Lady Pendragon and Promethea comics that have to be put somewhere else. I watched the Trek episode I need to review tomorrow ("A Fistful of Datas," heh). Plus Superpoke released a Star Trek habitat, an Avatar habitat, a comics store habitat, and a fairy castle habitat, so I spent a bit of time clearing out older habitats to make room for my penguin's new items.

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Quickly re: skating -- I am thrilled for Joannie Rochette, I can't even imagine what her week has been like. I thought Kim Yu-Na skated beautifully, though I don't know if I'd go as far as NBC did and declare it the greatest performance by a woman skater ever. I wish Mao Asada would have smiled -- she landed her jumps, her footwork was excellent, she was simply up against a flawless performance. And I must admit that I found Mirai Nagasu's performance to be the most exciting of the evening by a long stretch, even if she isn't quite at their level yet.