February 28th, 2010


Poem for Sunday and National Postal Museum

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We have not seen my husband's parents for weeks despite having had plans with them due to the aforementioned snow that covered both DC and Hanover. So they came down today when it was time for lunch, which Paul provided -- buckwheat pancakes, veggie sausages, eggs -- then we headed downtown to the National Postal Museum, which is right near Union Station and part of the Smithsonian, housed in the same building as the National Capitol Post Office. My father-in-law collects stamps, so we figured it was a good belated birthday outing. The museum is bigger than I was expecting and really interesting, with exhibits on American history and the role of the mail, the role of the post office in fighting crime, postage art from around the world, and assorted delivery vehicles from sleds to carriages to airplanes.

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When we left the museum, we came back to our house, where Paul made veggie cassoulet and served lactose-free German chocolate cake for dessert, since his father can't have milk products. My mother-in-law has been spending a lot of time researching her genealogy, so we showed them a bit of the Faces of America episode in which Henry Louis Gates, Jr. traces Meryl Streep's and Stephen Colbert's early Pennsylvania roots, since she has Quaker and Lutheran relatives from roughly the same areas. We'll see them again in a few weeks when Paul's brother Jon is in town for business and I promised to record the rest of the episodes for them. After they left, we watched the Olympics hoping for skating exhibition but getting mostly bobsledding -- I'm glad the U.S. won another gold, but I feel ripped off that we didn't get to see any of the pairs skating and the focus was so much on Americans and Canadians. Davis and White totally get props for skating to Chris Cornell's version of "Billie Jean" though!