March 4th, 2010


Poem for Thursday and Postage Stamps

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cidercupcakes came over and brought the first two seasons of Avatar: The Last Airbender, including the awesome hippie episode "The Cave of Two Lovers" (complete with bad folk music) and "Bitter Earth," in which Sokka gets stuck in a crevasse while hunting a saber-tooth moose-lion cub which then sleeps on his head and brings him an apple. I'm afraid I may be more attached to the bad guys, though, especially Zuko, the Prince of Emo, and his crazy-awesome sister Azula. I miss Zhao but I am sure he's on an island somewhere getting properly disciplined for his transgressions. I wish this series would drop in price on DVD because I would buy it if I could afford it -- it has superb female characters, fabulous chimera animals, lots of humor, and very entertaining guest stars -- I can't imagine the M. Night Shyamalan movie is going to be nearly as much fun. And it is always great to watch over lunch with cidercupcakes singing along with the cave love song.

Our evening was very nice, beginning with the last episode of Faces of America, in which Henry Louis Gates, Jr. had the DNA of his subjects analyzed to see whether any of them were related to one another. Most of the African-Americans were more European than African -- Elizabeth Alexander turned out to be descended from King John I of England and a mistress of his, which would also make her a descendant of Charlemagne (and if you believe the Holy Blood, Holy Grail/Da Vinci Code conspiracy, Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene as well, hee) -- she said she'd fantasized about being the descendant of an Indian or African princess but never imagined it would be the British royal family. Gates had been particularly interested in seeing how closely Jews and Muslims were related -- whether there might be historical truth to the Isaac and Ishmael stories -- and learned that Ashkenazi Jew Mike Nichols and Turkish Muslim Mehmet Oz have a common ancestor detectable by DNA. The whole show has been terrific, but the best event on TV this evening was Maryland beating Duke -- now the Terps can head into the playoffs on a very high note!

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