March 5th, 2010


Poem for Friday and Mail History

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I was half-blind for half the day so I am behind on everything that involves reading, writing and typing. Had an ophthalmologist appointment in the morning -- I love my doctor but his appointments are always running half an hour late, and this Thursday (rescheduled from last month during the week we were all trapped inside due to snow) I didn't get taken back till an hour after my scheduled time. I left with my pupils dilated, took myself to Lebanese Taverna for lunch, stopped in the Container Store, then thought I'd go look at eyeglasses since as I suspected my prescription has changed. On the way into the mall, I ran into my mother and her good friend who were sitting having frozen yogurt and ended up sitting with them.

By the time I got home and got things organized, Adam was home, and an hour later I took him to tennis for the first time in months -- we had missed the fall sessions with scheduling conflicts and then confusion about which level he needed to take. Daniel was downtown all day at the DC regional robotics competition -- he wasn't on the Metro to come home until after 6 p.m. -- he is missing two days of school. We drove back here beneath a glorious pink-and-purple twilight sky, had tofurkey for dinner, and watched the fairly dreadful Next Gen episode "The Quality of Life" which I must review on Friday before taking younger son to his annual checkup. So I'm busy and discombobulated and sleepy, sorry! Here's a last batch of National Postal Museum photos:

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Jon Stewart's Chatroulette piece with Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer, Keith Olbermann, Brian Williams, et al is the funniest thing I having seen in weeks and I better post this before I am laughing too hard to hit send!