March 7th, 2010


Poem for Sunday and County Fair Flashback

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We had kind of a dull and frustrating Saturday -- Daniel was at the last day of the local robotics competition and we were hoping to go down and see his school's robot in action, but he wasn't sure at lunchtime whether or not they were going to be in the semifinals (it's a complicated process in which different schools form alliances and compete together), and by the time we knew that they had indeed made the semifinals, it was too late to get there in time for the match. As it turned out, his alliance lost in the semifinals, and he was on the way to the Metro before the awards ceremony ended. The rest of us went to My Organic Market in search of multivitamins with no gelatin -- which are all insanely expensive -- and stopped at Target for non-edible necessities. We also stopped at Toys R Us since Saturday was supposed to be the first day of Mattel's $3 Superstar Barbie in celebration of Barbie's birthday, but Toys R Us was refusing to sell the dolls at the $3 price advertised by Mattel and wanted $12.99 for them, then insisted we could only get them online at the $3 price even though they have a flyer in the Sunday paper saying otherwise. At least if this one turns out to have dangerous lead levels from being made in China, I won't own it!

Daniel was home in plenty of time for dinner -- the men all had macaroni and cheese and various meats or meat substitutes, I had low-sodium lentil soup and no-sodium beans because my blood pressure has been wonky from eating too much salt the past couple of days -- I'm realizing that I really can't get away with soy sauce even for one meal, I end up with a bad headache and just feeling generally terrible. In the evening we watched Where the Wild Things Are, which is both terrific and quite sad, definitely not a movie for children and I feel sorry for parents who took their kids without reading the reviews figuring it was a safe bet; Max in the film is not a fun-loving rowdy little boy but a sensitive kid messed up by his parents' divorce and his mother's being overwhelmed with everything, and the wild things are all reflections of his own psyche though they're also capable of shocking and terrifying him -- the scene where KW throws rocks at owls to get them out of the sky scared me, and the boy playing Max is utterly brilliant being horrified and upset and uncertain what to say -- really, he's phenomenal throughout, as are all the actors, but it's a much heavier film than I was expecting (in a good way, but I definitely wouldn't put it on when looking for a comedy).

I took no photos so here are some ancient ones of animals from the county fair last summer that I never posted:

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