March 9th, 2010


Poem for Tuesday and GPS Exhibit

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I went with my mother today to look at the page proofs for Adam's Bar Mitzvah photo album, which look terrific -- we're going to make a couple of minor changes and change backgrounds on a couple of pages, then they'll get bound and I'll finally have the book. This ended up taking longer than I thought it would, mostly because we did a lot of chatting with the photographer about digital media and stuff, and when we got home I made her a fan page on Facebook, which was fun because I've never made a page like that on Facebook before.

Late afternoon involved unexciting things like laundry, being shown far too many Rickrolls by Daniel, discussing geometry with Adam (don't ask me what we talked about, all I know is that sines and cosines were involved as well as some proclamations about the uselessness of the quadratic equation in everyday life), then jacket potatoes with veggie chili for dinner and A Room With a View, which I got in the mood to watch...Helena Bonham Carter when she was young enough to have played Alice in the new Alice in Wonderland. I never get tired of that movie, its brilliant cast or its soundtrack or the English and Italian landscapes!

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