March 12th, 2010


Poem for Friday and Arrrgh

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The built-in memory card reader on my new computer is not working. I spent a ridiculous amount of the day with Dell Tech Support trying to do something about this, only to have them conclude that it's not the drivers or the software and has to be replaced. They tried to get me to try remounting it, but their own documentation warns that fiddling inside the case could invalidate the warranty so I'm not touching it. I'm going to have to wait for some technician to come fiddle with it next week...and that means moving it, unplugging everything I got plugged into the back, etc. *cries*

In other words, my day sucked. I never even got out of the house -- I was going to take younger son to tennis and go take a walk around the nature center in Cabin John Park while he was there, but I was having my drive scanned remotely by a Dell technician at the time. I didn't watch anything besides the fabulous Next Gen episode I need to review Friday and didn't do much else besides discover that I can't use my versions of Nero, Retrospect, or ActiveSync with Windows 7. I didn't get a Mac because of the great expense of replacing all my programs...but I'm having to replace them anyway. *cries more*