March 21st, 2010


Poem for Sunday and Wheaton Turtles

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We had yet another glorious spring day in the DC area, low 70s, sunny and calm, so while Daniel was at robotics, we took Adam out for what was supposed to be a hike on the Virginia side of Great Falls, except that traffic backed up all the way down Georgetown Pike, so we figured we'd try the Maryland side, except that there was a big PARKING LOT FULL sign at the Falls Road-MacArthur Boulevard intersection, at which point we decided that since we needed to pick Daniel up on the other side of the county anyway, we might as well go to Wheaton Regional Park and Brookside Gardens to see flowers and hopefully find less mud than we'd been warned to expect by the Potomac River. It turned out to be the perfect place to spend the afternoon -- we saw lots of animals, including turtles, frogs, geese, ducks, fish, snails, assorted songbirds, and a few bugs, plus the flowers that are already blooming in the park:

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After a stop at two different Trader Joe's to look for hummus, Paul made penne with zucchini and ricotta for dinner, then we watched Miyazaki's Porco Rosso, which we got at a bargain rate because we ordered it from Disney along with The Princess and the Frog. It's a lot of fun, though I think his female characters are more interesting in later films; it's about a World War I flying ace, so of course I was thinking Snoopy, particularly since the pilot flies a red plane and is an animal who's smarter than the people around him. (Maybe Snoopy is a human under a curse?) I thought it was headed for a Beauty and the Beast ending and was delighted that it was more complicated than that. We missed the Kansas game, though I can't say I'm particularly sorry that they're out of Maryland's quarter of the tournament, though I am sorry that Villanova lost!