March 26th, 2010


Poem for Friday and Orchids

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perkypaduan and I met for Greenberry frozen yogurt at the mall, browsed a bit in Hot Topic (too much Justin Bieber), Brighton (no new mini-spacers), and Bath & Body Works (I have plenty at home), then we came back to my house so I could give her some of my extra body spritzes and ended up watching The Princess and the Frog since she hadn't seen it and it's in my Disney Top Five. Then I took younger son to tennis, took a walk since it was gorgeous and flowers are in bloom in the neighborhood, and finished cleaning out my closet -- today it was t-shirts, of which I simply own too many (anyone want any XL Voyager cast, "I Wish I Knew How To Quit You," or well-used kids' size Harry Potter shirts with logos and stuff that you could probably cut off and repurpose for crafts, let me know).

We had leftover stir-fry and penne with ricotta and zucchini for dinner (still yummy), then watched FlashForward, which I liked better than last week despite the lack of Olivia -- I love Janis, I've been predicting since I think the second episode that Collapse ) Then we watched Next Gen's "Ship in a Bottle" which I need to review on Friday, and both kids paid attention, just as they did watching "Chain of Command" two weeks ago; often when we put things on the TV I feel like they're only barely watching, but they were actually talking about the episode in their Gmail statuses and blogs, so they must have really liked it. Yay! Here are some orchids from Brookside's orchid sale last weekend and from the greenhouses a few weeks earlier:

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Bye-bye Syracuse! And farewell Robert Culp.