March 27th, 2010


Poem for Saturday and Little Lambs

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I got up very early Friday to take Adam to the orthodontist, where he got his upper braces removed and there was much rejoicing, though there will be even more next week when the lower ones are removed as well. We were there for a long time, with a hysterical little boy sobbing in the waiting area and then the dentist's chair for nearly an hour. After I took son to school and stopped to get him the mouthwash the orthodontist recommended, I had lunch and spent the afternoon working on a review of Next Gen's "Ship in a Bottle", which I don't think is as good a review as the one I wrote of its prequel, "Elementary, Dear Data," but I think it does get across why I think the episode is so fantastic.

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We had dinner with my parents -- the carnivores had chicken parmesan while Adam and I had excellent vegan Moroccan chicken, plus we all had some of the cheesecake that Daniel was selling as a chorus fundraiser. We've spent much of the evening watching Jason and the Argonauts and Clash of the Titans on TCM, and although the former is older, I think the latter is even more cheesy -- the effects are marginally better but the costumes and acting are beyond hilarious. Here are a few more photos of the lambs at Mount Vernon, since they are adorable:

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