April 1st, 2010


Poem for April 1 and National Harbor Stones

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I spent most of Wednesday running around, interspersed with the Superpoke Pets Easter egg hunt whenever I was at home and had a few minutes on the computer. Adam has finally (and hopefully permanently) had his braces removed! He has both upper and lower retainers which he says taste horrible, but I assume that once he's used to them, he'll be very glad to have the full-time wires out of his mouth. I had warned the kids that after the orthodontist, they were going to be dragged to a couple of stores before they got to go home, so after the orthodontist we headed to Target, where I had a great piece of luck -- I had gone in to exchange a $20 dress for a smaller size, which no one could find, so I returned the dress instead, then I found the size I wanted on the bargain rack for $13, so that was awesome. The kids stood around with beleaguered expressions and wouldn't even let me buy them pants they needed. Meanwhile my mother had texted to see where we were, so we met her at Bagel City across the street for lunch.

I also dragged the kids to My Organic Market to get tofu, oatmeal, white bean dip, etc. before I took them home so Adam could go rollerblading and Daniel could work on internship applications. (Does anyone in the DC area know of anyone working in computers or robotics who would like a summer intern from a magnet high school program?) We had veggie burgers for our very late dinner -- well, some of us had fish and chips, though that no longer even tempts me, which is almost a strange feeling -- and watched a documentary on Picasso, since we're going to the Picasso in Context exhibit in Philadelphia over the weekend when we go look at Philly-area colleges and the kids tend to pay more attention to art if they have some background about the artists and movements (though nothing is going to make younger son stop ridiculing Rothko, heh). I owe a pile of e-mail, comments, and phone calls that are going to have to wait till morning! Here are some photos of the standing stones and a few waterside stones at National Harbor:

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